Career Opportunities



Fifth Direction seeks to attract and retain the highest quality personnel. Both as a market leader in providing high performance IT Solutions and consulting, and due to our strong growth trajectory, reflecting our rapidly expanding client base, we attract both recent graduates and experienced professionals, eager to meet the challenges of servicing the world’s leading IT institutions and companies. In return, we offer our personnel long-term career development within a sophisticated global financial services company, whose breadth of operations and overall structure ensure the availability of many attractive, rewarding roles, with varying degrees of responsibility. We provide our highly skilled and motivated professionals with every resource required to develop all relevant skills and experience, necessary to the completion of each and every new assignment.

Why Work at Fifth Direction

We believe the strength of Fifth Direction reflects the quality of its employees. The company supports the career development of its personnel, and remains determined to ensure employees are able to perform to the best of their abilities, consistent with achieving their fullest potential. Our most successful team members are always eager to assume additional responsibilities and to contribute actively to our long-term sustainable growth.


Fifth Direction encourages applications from suitably qualified professionals, usually graduate or postgraduate students with excellent academic records, wishing to work alongside our various research teams in a dynamic and challenging environment both to acquire and develop creativity, teamwork, and technical skills. Internships are available throughout the year at convenient locations.

Campus Recruitment

Fifth Direction aims to recruit the top graduate and postgraduate students from leading institutions in India. Graduate applicants can expect to work in a constantly stimulating and satisfying environment, acquiring the latest professional skills while developing invaluable life-long professional expertise and contacts. Our training programs support the professional development of all personnel.

Employee Engagement

Nurturing New Employees

We aim to provide the strongest support and encouragement for new employees committed to the success of our company. Through our mentor and feedback programs we seek to ensure a firm grounding in our corporate values, practices and procedures.

Interested persons can mail their resume to and we will contact you.