Research and Developments

FifthD is a group of experts in providing innovation-led business growth to our clients. FifthD provide information Security (IS) services, Software Development, Research and Development (R&D), and business and consulting solutions. FifthD helps its clients in implementing innovative ideas and keep pace with the present as well as plans for the future. At FifthD, we believe in building trust and long-lasting partnership with our clients. We deliver world-class services with real values to with our clients in assured time. FifthD Research group focus on world real time problems in technologies like Cloud Computing Security issues, Big Data and IoT.

Our Products

FifthD is always inviting research minds in field of technologies which gives a new direction of research technologies. FifthD is running its own Research publication journal known as JACOTECH. Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies (JACOTECH) is an international quality, peer reviewed journal covering innovative research and practice in Information Technology. It provides high quality peer reviewed survey and review articles in computer science, information systems and software engineering that aim to effectively transfer knowledge for the Asian context. JACOTECH is interest to improve the state-of-the-art of worldwide research in communication networks and various IT Related issues and to address the various methodologies, tools, techniques, algorithms and results.