I.T. Security Consultation and Implementation

  • • Secure Application Development
  • • Source code review

Information Security Awareness Training

Worldwide availability of Internet, which connects all computers together. Those computers are being use for making financial transaction, sending messages (can be confidential), sending important information over internet. At one side Internet can be used as a tool to for cyber-attack by the attacker, on the other side it also can be used to educate the user about the attacks. 5thdirection is offering this training program of 1 day duration to educate employees, students, users about how to get secure while surfing on Internet.

Course Content:

• Common vulnerabilities in Cyber World.
• Secure configuration of machines.
• Live Demo of Authentication Bypass, Keyloggers.
• Social Engineering.
• Malwares (Viruses, Worms, Logic Bombs, Trojans, Spywares etc)
• Best Practices for Information Security

Web Application Security Audit

In today’s changing technological era, the WWW has become an important part of not only every organization but individuals. Internet is being used for financial transactions, message and mail delivery, Audio & Video Calling with partners, Customers, vendors, employees and relatives. Due to this respect it became more necessary to provide top level security to all types of websites against various types of breaches. The OWASP standard become an milestone which is continuously highlighting the most common and important vulnerabilities to be addressed in web Applications, Services which include many vulnerabilities like Various types of Injections, Cross Site Scripting, Remote code Execution etc. We 5thdirection are testing all types of vulnerabilities and provide recommendation to overcome all loopholes in order to make a better secured environment.

Network/Infrastructure Security Audit:

• Internal Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
• External Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
• Configuration Review

When everybody talking about the high Security, they often forget about the small things like, while installing a new router they forget to change default credentials. Which can tends towards a big security breach. These are the cases with the configuration of the various computer, network devices. If these devices are properly configured, it can have a strong strengthening effect on security of the infrastructure. 5thdirection is offering this service for reviewing the configuration of Network devices like firewall, router, switch, servers.


• ISO 27001:2013 Implementation
• ISO 27001:2013 Audit
• ISO 27001:2013 Training
• Designing & Review of Security Policies/Process
• Comprehensive Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment
• ISMS Implementation